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Welcome to the $355 billion market!
Invest in Myfundus: Be a Part of a Sustainable Future

We're thrilled to offer you the unique opportunity to become not just a supporter but a partner in our journey towards a more sustainable future. By investing in Myfundus, you're joining a movement that fosters responsible consumption, supports local businesses, and contributes to environmental sustainability. Here's why you should invest in Myfundus:

Why invest in Myfundus?

1. Hidden $355 billion market opportunity
Tapping into the growing sharing economy market has never been more promising.
The Zeitgeist is ready for a new market opportunity and consumer experience.
According to a research of ESU from the Swiss specialized in life cycle assessments (LCA):
  • The CO2 footprint of a shared product is 30% lower than that of a new product.
  • The CO2 footprint of a product that is used for 5 years is 40% lower than that of a product that is used for 1 year.
  • Per rental transaction 88.4kg CO2-eq are saved compared to a new purchase.
  • With 100 rental transactions, 52 new article purchases are avoided.
3. Linear Consumption is destroying our planet
Accelerates resource depletion, elevates waste generation, contributes to climate change, enhances pollution levels, and propels biodiversity loss. Sharing our existing assets reduces our consumption.

Myfundus Growth and Progress:

We've been working tirelessly to make Myfundus a leader in the sharing economy, and our progress this year speaks for itself:

By investing in Myfundus, you'll be supporting our continued growth and impact on local economies and the environment.

If you want to get access, pleaseSend us an emailor click on access data room below.

How to get on board?

Ready to be a part of our exciting journey? Simply follow these steps:

1. Email your interest below by providing your contact information.
2. Review our investment materials and book a meeting with our founder Roghmal.
3. Make your investment and join the Myfundus family!

Don't miss this chance to invest in a company that's shaping the future of the sharing economy.
Become a part of our mission to create a more sustainable and connected world. Start your journey with Myfundus today!

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